Arctic Silver Free Flex Fly Rods

Northern Light Years ahead

The most significant advancement to fly rod design since its original invention. Developed & produced by ASI Norway.

Release the power with less effort!

The Arctic Silver Free flex system allows the rod to flex deep into the butt section during the casting stroke, which effectively increases and releases the power and energy being applied.

The Free flex system achieves the distance needed, but with far less effort and therefor far less fatigue. There’s far more feeling in the the handle too, so playing a fish becomes more exciting, more meaningful.

Take control with the revolutionary handle design

Made from over molded TPU elastomer, the handle is deliberately shaped like the shaft of a hammer. Its feels just right, why shouldn’t it; this is one of the most relied upon designs in industry. Perfectly crafted to remain confortable for hours. So confortable that returning to a cork handled rod after using the Free flex system for a day will seem really weird. Easy clean surface ensures your rod always remains looking as good as the first day it was used, no staining or deterioration as with cork.

Unique snap-in reel seat for a quick and easy setup

No more fiddling around with locking rings to secure your reel, the Arctic Silver fee flex handle incorporates a patented snap in reel seat. The reel is simply offered up to the securing slot, then pushed down to engage the lock.

Removing the reel, simply hold in one hand and gently hit the rods butt section and the reel is disengaged.

Casting made simple with ultimate consistency

Finger on top? Finger around the side? Tight or lose grip? Whatever’s your style, the rod blank moves freely within the handle during the casting stroke, so whatever your choice of grip you will cast with real consistency.

These rods cast with remarkable ease, they deliver accuracy and distance without effort, without power, without fuss.